Front page of Le Rire

Front page of Le Rire


Frame front page of Le Rire. Le Rire was a successful French published from October 1894 until its final issue in April 1971. Founded in Paris during the Belle Époque by Felix Juven. The satirical journal was filled with excellent drawings by prominent artists. It featured full-page chromotypographs on both covers and in the centerfold. Many of these pieces are now highly desirable collectibles. Le Rire appeared as typical Parisians began to achieve more education, income and leisure time. Interest in the arts, culture and politics

This cover is a special edition copy and doesn't have its date on it.

There is yellowing to the paper,  typical with vintage ephemera the edges are also showing signs of damage.

Frame is in good order, with a blemish in the glass, but it does not distract from the print.

Frame size 51cm x 37cm