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Dark wood texture taken from a antique bowl.
Sarah sat in front of some of the eclectic vintage items she finds.


"I do not have a specific style, Instead, I buy an eclectic mix of what catches my interest. Everything evolves as our journey continues, we develop a new style dependent on our most recent finds."

My passion for all things vintage and antique originally developed from the need to furnish a house on a shoestring. This started in the early '90s working in Long Melford where this developed into a passion and a dream to start my own vintage business.


I appreciate the workmanship and quality in antique and vintage items. Every item speaks to you making you wonder about their past, and who cared for them before you.

After many years of different careers and raising a family Sarah's Attic was born in 2013 in Monks Eleigh Suffolk.


We have a goal to develop a sustainable means to packaging when your parcel arrives from Sarah's Attic you might be surprised with what you see.... POPCORN!

We had our light bulb moment with this at Christmas as we have a family tradition of a lucky dip after dinner rather than the traditional Christmas crackers which has a lot of useless plastic bits, we then use the popcorn to pack away my precious vintage glass baubles and the rest feeds the birds and goes on the compost heap! Our popcorn is popped fresh to order in an air popper so no oils used.

This is a new idea we are trialling in a hope to reduce the carbon cost of our packaging, the popcorn is to replace the typical polystyrene or bubble bag/wrap packaging that you find in much large delivery business. The popcorn helps us to reduce the amount of plastic we use within our business and obviously, is compostable and unlike vegetable-based plastics, it is cheap! Meaning you are not having to pay a premium to be eco-friendly. We currently are looking at other means to take our business more sustainable, and as a community, we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas on how we could improve your experience with our packaging.

Example of our sustainable packaging utilising popcorn to replace plastic based packaging.
popcorn our sustainable alternative to other forms of plastic packaging.
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