Chocolate pot

Chocolate pot


This chocolate pot date from around 1867. 

Griffiths & Browett Ltd Birmingham specialised as makers of copper holloware including samovars and food warmers, iron and tinplate workers.

This chocolate pot would have been used to cook the raw cocoa in milk  to make hot chocolate. It was found in a flea market in Malestroit Britany so may have come over to France with settling Brits or even with soldiers from either of the wars. The handle is detachable so would make it easier to be transported.

The metal has a lovely patination and some areas where rust has started to appear. The original paint on the handle has worn off through use leaving just enough bits of paint on the wood to make it interesting.

Would make an interesting shelf piece, for a kitchen, dining area or for a chocoholic!


22.5 cm tall 12cm diameter base.