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We have a huge selection of houseplants at The Garden Room. We have been open for a little over 2 weeks and it is proving very popular with visitors to Bridge Farm Barns. We have houseplants to suit different conditions in your home, different levels of care and different prices. We range from the easy to care for and easy on the pocket to plants which need a bit more attention and those which are stunning and a little bit more luxurious. the orchids are looking stunning and the Alocasia's wow with their alien look and huge waxy looking leaves. Some of the Cacti are in bloom and the Kangeroo paws are an unusual interesting velvety bloom. if you haven't visited yet then come and give us a look.

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A lot of hard graft this bank holiday weekend changing a boring white box of a room into this exciting new look!! It is still a work in progress with lots more layers of texture, and rusty sparkle to come. Here at Sarah's Attic we love things which are rustic, chippy, and show the wear and tear of life in an item, all this give a time worn feel, which like minded people crave for there homes and garden. This room is being called "The Garden Room" and we will continue to fill the space with rusty gold and we have lots of houseplants coming in too. Exciting times, we want to bring new and changing feels to Sarah's Attic and keep it interesting for our lovely customers. Watch this space for more developements.

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